Luke, Georgie and then I

What is joejeeber about?

This website joejeeber.com is about sharing some of the knowledge I’ve learned through this experience called life. I’ve had many highs, and many lows, but many lessons learned.  I had an online business, lived in different parts of the world such as Whistler, BC, Costa Rica and Lima Peru. Right now I’m finishing up my final semester in a 3-year-Computer Programming course at my local college.

I’m a 30 something-year-old, who practices JiuJitsu, yoga, distance running and lane swimming on the regular.

The sort of content that I’ll be posting on this website is anything that I find cool and interesting on the interwebs. It can be clips from Joe Rogan’s podcast, snowboarding/surfing videos, personal adventures, content on books I’ve read or self help. To be honest, probably geared towards man shit.

I believe life is about growth and you should always strive to be your best self. If that resonates with you, then this blog is for you.

Enjoy my friend,


p.s. here’s some photos of my past  🙂