Dealing With Failure? One Word… Good. Advice From Jocko Willink – VIDEO

Jocko Willink Good

Over the last 6 months, this video with Jocko Willink called, “Good” has been my mantra in life.

I’ve had this killer-like focus on moving forward in life, no roadblocks, no hiccups, just progression. Almost like I put myself in this weird trance where I seize every opportunity that’s available… even if it’s not ideal.

The best part of this video is that it has this unorthodox approach when dealing with failure or roadblocks…

… and that’s why it’s so effective. 

This video resonates with me because the last two months of my life have been absolute chaos.

With every College in Ontario going on strike it left us students questioning our future. We didn’t know how long the strike was going to last, if the semester was going to get canceled and if we were going to get refunded.

There was lots of questions unanswered.

I didn’t let strike phase me, in fact.. I didn’t really care. I took the, “Jocko Willink Good” approach and embraced it. I called up a couple classmates in my computer programming course, found a mentor outside of school and then started building a phone app.

I didn’t complain once, I went into pure attack mode and just got after it.

Looking back, I’m glad the strike happened. I’m glad we were out of class for almost two months because I was able to capitalize on so many opportunities that I wouldn’t of had the chance to or the time if this strike did happen.

This, “Jocko Willink Good” philosophy is a philosophy that I’ll always use when moving forward in life.  I suggest you do too.

Other than that, I’m out!✌️

Powerful Jocko Willink

This video on YouTube has some of the funniest comments… I suggest you take a look.

Here’s some of my favorites that had me laughing.

  • Going bald… Good. I’ll save money on haircuts.
  • This makes me wanna run thru fuckin walls.

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