Bode Merrill Full Part – Snowboarder Presents “Pepper” – A Very Creative snowboard Part

It’s hard for me to watch a snowboard part and not judge it. Always in my mind, I’m like, I can do that trick, I can do that trick better, they could of done it cleaner, they could of been more  creative in that spot, etc. I don’t know why I’m like that, but I often find it hard to sit down and enjoy a snowboard video without judging it, but just accepting the video as a form of artwork, etc.

This video has done a great job on creating a video that is just beautiful. Major kudos for the Filmer/editor for choosing the song, and capturing such an amazing vibe for the video.

Very creative part, has a wide range of tricks and features, and adds his own flavor to the snowboard world.  Something very hard to do in the snowboard world these days.

Snowboard Season is Upon Us!

If you’re a snowboarder then you need to check out, “The Manboys.”

To me, this is what snowboarding is all about, they bring out the heart and soul of what snowboarding is..  I know this could be a biased opinion because this is my old stomping ground and they’re also old friends of mine… who I haven’t seen in a very, very long time.

Anyways, enjoy the video and enjoy the vibes.

I’m out.